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Individual Therapy

Taking the step to talk to a psychotherapist about your experiences, thoughts, and feelings takes incredible courage. Perhaps you’ve tried other ways to deal with the difficulties in your life. Maybe you’ve been able to alleviate your pain, or your confusion, or your suffering for a little while, only to have those feelings and issues return. Talking to a psychotherapist can help you make significant changes in your life.  Self-exploration can lead to better self-awareness. You can deepen your understanding of your feelings, and make those feelings less overwhelming. You may also begin to understand others better, how you relate to the people in various areas of your life, and how you might alter patterns in which you feel stuck. Talking with an empathetic therapist can help you feel less alone, more in control, and more optimistic about the direction you want your life to take.


 As a therapist, I listen closely and thoughtfully to your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. I develop impressions of my own to share with you and we work together to find your unique path toward healing your self and your relationships. A consultation together may lead to short-term
goal-oriented therapy, or develop into deeper psychotherapy work that leads to long-lasting change and growth.

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