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Therapy for Men

Our world continues to revere traditional roles of masculinity while also encouraging you to be open and vulnerable. You’re told on the one hand to be strong and “push through” hard times, and on the other that you need to share and not bottle things up. Maybe all of this is causing you stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression and is negatively affecting how you feel about yourself and your relationships. And maybe you’ve learned that you need to figure out how to “fix” your problems alone and that asking for help is a sign of weakness.

Well, I think it’s a particular sign of strength to know when to ask for help. So let’s meet. I want to listen, to hear you, to get to know and understand you. I can offer a space that’s free of judgement, but

also free of B.S. I bring compassion, but also provide challenges.

I’m serious about the work, but also know humor can help ease

pain and discomfort.

Man Looking Out to the Mountains_edited.

Where I'm Coming From

My brother is two years older than me, and our house was the hangout for him and his group of friends throughout our childhoods and adolescence. They (mostly) didn’t seem to mind me (silently) being around, bearing witness to their shenanigans. I called them my Other Brothers. I watched them grow from little boys playing King of Hill and telling fart jokes into young men trying to navigate through the joys and pressures of school, relationships, and family issues (and still telling fart jokes).


As close as these friends were, they sometimes came to me to talk about stuff because guys didn’t always talk to guys about their struggles. I came to know some of them beyond their good-natured goofiness, and saw the pain, worry, sadness that they often need to hide to avoid judgement or put-downs.


So I kind of get it, how you might be struggling now with all the mixed messages you’re getting. Let's see if
our work together can help you manage life better and steer you toward being the kind of person you
want to be in the world.

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